Places and maps


  • Map of France  in 1769 – 1789 showing provinces prior to the French Revolution
  • Photographs of La Rochelle where Jean Guiton (1585-1654) was mayor at the time of the siege of the Huguenot stronghold in 1627-28


  • Part of Thomas Cleer’s map of Norwich drawn about 1696 showing the locations of the earliest recorded members of the Guyton family from about 1605


  • Gloucester County, Virginia, where an unidentified John Guyton/Gyton was living in the 1670s
  • Calvert County, Maryland, in colonial times showing the location of Robinson’s Rest where the two brothers, John Guyton and Benjamin Guyton, first settled after arriving from England in about 1719
  • The area in Baltimore County and Harford County, Maryland, on both sides of Gunpowder Falls where members of the Guyton family moved from Calvert County in about 1750
  • The migration of descendants of John Guyton across America after the initial settlement in Calvert County, Maryland, in about 1719
  • History of Guyton, Effingham County, Georgia